Part Five of the PNT: Republic to Oroville


Day 35

It was hard to leave the McRaes. Happy to have spent a couple days there in the company of so many wonderful hikers and hosts, but sooner or later we gotta keep marching West.


Nick had a chat with me today about this blog.

He said “you need to be more positive, Jared. It’s all ‘I got rained on or a yellow jacket stung me’ write something positive.”

Then a yellow jacket stung him.

There were a lot of road walks but we saw a lot of animals today.

These good boys came over to say hi.

Thanks to my partner we all got to camp pretty early. She’s helping us slack pack through this section and we’re making really good time. Spent the afternoon swimming in lake Bonepart and it was glorious.

Day 36

Climbed to the top of Mt. Bonepart and got to go up in the fire watch tower. Met a cool cat named Joel who told us about his plans to write a novel. He seemed happy for the company. I imagine his job is kinda dull at the moment. The fires in Canada are pretty bad at the moment and the views were hazy in all directions.

No filter. The smoke just makes it look like a washed out polaroid.

Well wouldn’t you know it? I got stung by another yellow jacket. Right on the leg. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as the last few, or maybe I’m building a tolerance.

Made it to Havillah where we camped on the church lawn. It was an amazing day for a lot of reasons. In no particular order they are as follows. We met Kayce the caretaker who is also a caterer and cider maker. He was a super cool dude who fed us and plied us with libations. My old friend from the PCT showed up too. He surprised us with a spaghetti dinner. Then this lady Birdy showed up. She kept talking about “the Creator” and other such things. Then she let me know it was time to work on my feet. She snapped my tendons, popped my toes and cracked my ankles. She was convinced the Creator sent her to meet us because we needed her help. If God is real I’m convinced she hates hikers and astronauts, but I try not to talk politics or religion while I’m on the road. Especially in a church parking lot with a presbatyrian shaman.

Nick got some healing too.

Day 37

Took a day off from hiking to spend the day with my partner. We hadn’t been alone with each other for a few weeks and it was really nice to get some quality time together before she had to head home.


Dropped our friends off at the trail head and drove out to Old Molson. Molson was nearby and boasts a population of 35. It seems once upon a time some butthole decided he owned all the land Molson was built on. The town was shitty enough that it was easier to move everything rather than dispute this butthole in court. So the old town was left to rot on the buttholes land. That land later became Old Molson and was turned into a historical landmark. I gotta say it was a creepy cool ghost town and I had a blast exploring it with my favorite person.

Here’s another fun story I heard. There’s a modern day butthole pulling the same stunt at the Molson Cemetery. Seems it’s impossible to say just where the property line between his home and the grave yard is exactly. So he moves the fence over six feet and puts up a bunch of no tresspassing signs. There’s a whole row of corpses with a fence line running directly over their bodies. The whole thing’s tied up in court.


The more things change the more they stay the same.






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