Postcards from the PNT.

Hello Friendos,

I’m gearing up and preparing for a 2018 attempt at the Pacific Northwest Trail. My current plan is to leave Glacier National Park, Montana in early July (weather dependent) and take a long walk to Cape Alava on the Washington coast. I really loved sharing my PCT trek with friends and family, and while reflecting on that experience I decided to take things a step further this time.

pntHere’s a fun fact I learned while researching this trail: More people have been to space than have completed the PNT. Why? For starters, the trail isn’t very old compared to other trails. It was only conceived in 1970 by Ron Strickland. It wasn’t successfully thru-hiked until 1977. It’s maybe a bit more challenging than other long distance hikes. A lot of times you find yourself going against the grain of the mountain and that can be difficult. Finally, there’s a lot of bushwacking.

If you’re wishing right now that you could be part of this journey you can. Getting and sending mail was a huge highlight for me on the PCT. It grounded me and gave me a sense of home. That’s a feeling that’s hard to capture when you’re spending days, weeks and months on the road. So what are you waiting for? Leave a comment, shoot me a message with your address, and take a walk with me.